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Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation Program
2014-09-26 00:00  
     Students graduating from this four-year English-medium program will master modern mechanical engineering and automation theory; will become high-level technologists or engineers who can work in design and manufacturing, product development, application research, and  processing management in the field of mechanical engineering. There are 16 instructors with master or doctor degree in this department  including 2 full professors and 8 associate professors.

Core Curriculum
College English, Advanced mathematics, Engineering Graphics, Mechanics of Machine, Machine Design, Engineering mechanics, Mechanical & electrical transmission control, Machinery manufacturing technology, Design of mechatronic system, Mechanical manufacture technology, Manufacturing equipment design. 

Entry Requirements
1. Hold a valid foreign passport
2. High school graduate
3. Can take courses taught in English
Application documents
1.The application form can be downloaded from the website, please fill in the form according to the corresponding requirements and attach your photo to it.
2.The photocopies of your high school diploma and transcripts.
3. 8 photos in the size of 2 inches
4. The photocopy of valid passport  

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