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International Foundation Program
2015-03-17 00:00  
     The International Foundation Program is designed for students who do not meet the minimum
requirements for direct entry into NBUT’s undergraduate programs. After one year's study, students will grasp the basic knowledge of Chinese language and culture, acquiring cross-cultural  communication skills and a certain amount of specialized vocabulary and knowledge, which will help
them meet the requirements of their further studies and daily life in universities of China. Meanwhile,
students are guaranteed admission to English-taught undergraduate degree programs at NBUT if they successfully complete the program. Students can also apply for Chinese-taught degree programs if they meet the basic Chinese language requirements. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a certificate recognized by other universities. 

Main Courses
Chinese Listening, Chinese Speaking, Mathematics, International Business, Computer Science, Physical Education. Various language practices and social activities will also be provided. 

Entry Requirements
1. Hold a valid foreign passport
2. Senior High school or High school graduate
3. Can take courses taught in English
Application time: March1-September 15 each year
Duration: 1 years (beginning at September each year) 

Application documents
1.The application form can be downloaded from the website, please fill in the form according to
   the corresponding requirements and attach your photo to it.
2. The photocopies of your high school diploma and transcripts
3. 8 photos in the size of 2 inches with white background
4. The photocopy of valid passport 

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