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International Students’ Apartment Accommodation Regulations
2014-09-26 00:00  
International Students’ Apartment Accommodation Regulations

1. Observe disciplines and obey laws. Abide by the laws and regulations of China and the university, and comply with dormitory managers. Lodge at the allotted rooms and beds with no unauthorized swap, transfer, sublet or bestowing.
2. No preaching. Missionary work and religious gatherings are not allowed in residential areas.
3. Take care of public property. Arbitrary relocation, demolishment and refitting of all the equipment and furniture in the dormitories, kitchens, wash houses and lounges shall be impermissible. Observe the public service room’s management regulations. For any damages, compensation to equal
amount of the estimated market price will be required.
4. Keep quiet. Do not make much noise by singing aloud, playing balls or playing loudspeakers in public. No gambling. No drinking. No smoking. It is prohibited to hold an unauthorized party in the apartment.
5. Keep clean and tidy. No scrawling or nail-driving on the wall. No pets. No littering out of the window. Keep the dorms clean.
6. Schedule your work and rest. Strictly confirm to the university’s rest schedule lest others may be disturbed. Opening time for international students’ dorms: Sunday to Thursday (6:00—22:30); Friday to Saturday (6:00—23:00).
7. Please tightly follow the university’s “International Students’ Accommodation Regulations.” International Students’ Management Office will inspect the dorms from time to time. Discipline violators or incorrigible offenders would be given a penalty by the office depending on the severity
of their offences. 

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