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A Letter to Foreign Students
2014-09-26 00:00  
A Letter to Foreign Students


A Letter to Foreign Students

Dear foreign students,
Welcome to study in International Exchange College (IEC), Ningbo University of Technology (NBUT). To ensure your successful completion of study, IEC is responsible to remind you of the following issues, please follow these rules.
The foreign students should abide by the Chinese laws, regulations, and the school management system. They should study hard and promise to follow “Charter on NBUT’s International Students,” “Regulations on Learning Disciplines of Foreign Students in IEC, NBUT” and other rules and regulations.
If the foreign students are involved in activities with nothing to do with the learning, and are proved of this, they would be disqualified and expelled out of the country by the Public Security Bureau according to Exit-Entry Management Regulations. All the fees related will not be returned.
IEC respect the truthfulness of information provided by foreign students. Once false information is found, NBUT has the right to deal with it due to the influence of this issue.
IEC respect the custom and religious belief of foreign students. However, it is not allowed to preach and assemble.
IEC chooses excellent Chinese teachers and students to support each foreign student in learning and in life. This is to help foreign students to finish study successfully and to improve communication and friendship.
Foreign students should provide a written request for leave to the head teacher and be approved if they are unable to attend activities described in the teaching plan. Or the absence will be considered as Absenteeism. Those who are out of the campus and absent from activities described in the
teaching plan without permission for successively two weeks will be dismissed. And all the fees will not be returned.
NBUT provides accommodation for foreign students within the campus. The foreign students should follow the dormitory management rules and take good care of the public property. Compensation is asked for all damages caused. Those who have to live outside the campus should report to IEC
for its approval and finally report to the local police station and municipal public security bureau.
NBUT encourage foreign students to take part in group activities organized by NBUT or IEC. And the performance will be contained in assessment of learning condition in China.
All international students need be careful when interacting with strangers. Everyone should avoiding being taken advantage of by criminals, and consciously or unconsciously getting involved in criminal affairs. Once found guilty, he is to be dealt with according to Chinese law and he would be reported to his embassy, and be refused to enter China permanently.
One should follow the rules of the dorm, be friendly to each other, and keep the dorm clean and tidy.
In order to ensure the personal safety of international students in the Foundation Program, they are not allowed to go out of campus arbitrarily from Monday to Friday. The passports of all international students in the Foundation Program should be collected and kept by their custodians. Those who have to use passport out of campus, should report to IEC for its approval.
After the entrance to China, the overseas students have to take health check every half year in the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Service Center. The health report will be a must for studying in school.


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