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International Students’ Apartment Safety Management System
2014-09-26 00:00  
International Students’ Apartment Safety Management System

1. Establishment of safety awareness. Actively cooperate with the college, security office, and dorm management center for safety administration and education. Preserve dorm safety, strengthen security awareness and legal sense, and prevent any misconduct detrimental to the dorm safety.
2. Fire proofing. No use of high-power electrical appliances and fire. No smoking. No piling of cats and dogs or bicycles in the public corridors. No unauthorized dismantling or refitting of power units. No use or storage of the inflammable, the explosive, the corrosive and the toxic in dorms. No unauthorized use of public fire-fighting equipment. Be on alert with the fire and report it to the duty room in time if there is any.
3. Burglar prevention. Take good care of your dorm keys. Lending the keys to others or duplicating them is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden that original locks changed or extra locks added. The doorkeepers are not responsible for providing such services as lending keys to tenants. Any damages
on locks need to be reported in time for repair. Take good care of your personal belongs by not storing valuables or large amounts of cashes in dorms. Keep the door closed when you leave. In case of long-term leave, you’d better inform the doorkeepers and teachers of leaving, bring your personal
valuables along with you and cut off the power before you leave. Please report to the duty room and security office on any shady-looking guys who are door-to-door retailing.
4. Guest reception. Teachers and visitors to the apartment are required to provide their identities and register first, and meeting can only take place in lounges. Those intending to enter dorms shall leave their ID cards at door keeper’s office. All visitors must leave before 22:00. No bestowing is
5. Inspection. Please strictly observe the “International Students’ Apartment Safety Management System.” International students’ management office, security office, and dorm management center are entitled to the non-scheduled inspection of the dorms safety. Discipline violators or accident causers would be given a penalty by the university in reference to the severity of their offences and required to bear a corresponding liability as well.

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