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International Students’ Apartment Laundry Room Regulation
2014-09-26 00:00  
International Students’ Apartment Laundry Room Regulation

1. Correct operation. Please operate appropriately by following correct procedures. No unwanted operations such as flapping or dismantling machines are allowed. Please contact the managers in time for any failure.
2. Care for public properties. Never soak your clothing in the laundry bins long. In case of loss, you’d better collect your clothes soon after washing. The managers take no responsibility of your washing clothes. It is definitely prohibited to randomly move the public washing machines, or use personal
appliances in the public laundry room.
3. Washing with hygiene. To keep the public sanitation clean, please use the washing machines for males and females separately.
4. Washing with security. Don’t place kerosene, gasoline, oil of bananas, alcohol and the like or washings stained with such substances into or near the washing dehydration barrels since they can easily cause explosion or fire. Don’t wash those clothes which are waterproof or easy to float, such as  ponchos, bike covers, eiderdown products, elastic products, etc. Washing such clothes would easily damage the machine and clothes as well. Never reach your hands into the barrels before it stops pinning completely.
5. Damages. For any damages or safety incidents caused by improper operations, Students have to bear all the responsibilities themselves. 

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