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2015 School Opening Ceremony of IEC Freshmen
2015-10-26 00:00  

      On the morning of September 14th, IEC Opening Ceremony for 2015 Sino-American Accounting Program was held in Administrative Building at Ningbo University of Technology (NBUT). NBUT Vice President Bao Jilong, Academic Affairs Director Wang Jiarong, Student Affairs Director Yi Houyu, Delaware State University (DSU) Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Bradley Skelcher, Vice President Liu Fengshan, and all the freshmen and faculty of IEC were present. The ceremony was hosted by Dean of IEC Nie Liya.
      After the solemn national anthems of China and the United States, the ceremony began. Guest leaders gave speeches in turn. The sophomore delegate Wang Weijie made the first statement and highlighted rigorous studying environment and rich culture. He also asked the freshmen to be ready to pursue their dreams and meet the challenges. Next spokesman was the freshman delegate Li Xinya. She shared her main reason why she chose to study the Sino-American Accounting Program like other fellow students: they all believed this program would provide professional training for international talents, and thus their decision would be proven as a wise one. Subsequently, staff delegate Xu Lu raised students’ spirits by encouraging them to follow their dreams as long as they were willing to. Division Head Wang Jiarong and Yi Houyu affirmed the exquisite teaching quality and high intelligence of the freshmen in IEC respectively. They also encouraged the students to establish ambitious goals and develop good habits and behavior. DSU Vice President Liu Fengshan stimulated the freshmen to heighten their courage for overcoming various difficulties exemplified by his own experience. Additionally, he expected students to care about people around them and stay happy. Afterwards, Deputy Director Bradley Skelcher emphasized DSU’s professional background and asked freshmen to utilize this advantage, believe in themselves and serve the society as much as possible. In the end, Vice President Bao Jilong welcomed all the freshmen to IEC through their own efforts, as well as put forward expectations of comprehensive development, formation of morality and self-education with determination.
     The 2015 school opening ceremony concluded successfully. With a long-term expectation for the future, all the freshmen began to set off on a new journey. Sino-American Accounting Program also stands at a new start with coming challenges. The connotation construction and the integration of teaching and learning will be fully facilitated in order to provide better services to both students and society. 

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