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The 28th School Sports Meeting
2015-10-26 00:00  

      In the expectation of all the school students, a grand opening of the 28th School Sports Meeting was held in the sports ground at East Campus on 22nd of October.
      After the opening ceremony at 8 a.m., students from each college successively walked past the rostrum in a square formation. The International Exchange College (IEC) athletes delegation was the most noticeable team during the ceremony. Their colorful uniform and tidy pace were highly praised by all the teachers and students. Among the ICE delegation, the highlight was participation of our international friends. Though from different countries and of diverse races, they had been the indispensable members of the IEC team. We believed the international students would, in deed, feel the warmth of the IEC family.
      Soon afterwards, the School Sports Meeting began. The first event was one hundred meters race. No less intense than the athletes in the fierce competition, students from the IEC were all cheered industriously for their counselor Xu Anling. The next game was women’s four hundred meters preliminary. As the representative of the IEC, Shi Fangzhou participated in the competition. It was not hard to be seen that students’ perspiration had been unreservedly intertwined with their overwhelming enthusiasm. With cheers and encouragement from her fellow students, Fangzhou must have been full of energy and enthusiasm.
      As time went by, morning events came to an end. Despite the limitation of competition events, students presented great passion for the School Sports Meeting. We believe that all the athletes from IEC would show their brilliancy and try their best to win glory for ICE in coming days! 

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