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The digital economy and economics of big data—Report on Professor Xiaoli Yuan’s Lecture
2015-06-18 00:00  


    At 6 pm on May 19th, Professor Xiaoli Yuan gave an academic report on digital economy and economics of big data. Professor Yuan is the tenured professor of City State University(ECSU) and an American CPA. IEC vice dean Jianghong Wang and delegates of IEC teachers and students attended the lecture. The lecture was hosted by vice dean Jianghong Wang. At the beginning of the lecture, vice dean Jianghong Wang introduced that Doctor Yuan graduated from a famous American accounting university--University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(UIUC) with a master’s degree of accounting and later got a doctorate degree of accounting in Florida International University(FIU) in 2008. The study of Doctor Yuan is focused on Capital market accounting and tax information disclosure and information content. His doctoral dissertation researched the different impact of accounting profit and taxable income on securities investment forecast and recommendation. His papers are published in international academic journals, such as Journal of the American Accounting Association Atudy. He is a member of American Accounting Association and used to be an editor of U.S. Tax Law Research Journal.
    Professor Yuan gave the lecture about big data and the Internet, digital economy, public policy in detail. He led students to the world of big data processing. Many contents were brand new for students.  Professor Yuan explained the knowledge of digital economy and big data economics in the different processing policy of China and the USA. Students listened with great interest, totally
attracted by him. During the interactive link, Professor Yuan not only asked questions to students but also encouraged students to ask questions to him. Students had further academic discussion with him. The atmosphere was quite good. The lecture lasted for nearly an hour and ended with great applause.

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