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Pre-departure Information
2015-06-02 00:00  

Upon Arrival Information

1.a. Who will pick up our students at the airport? Please give the contact number!

b. Who will be in charge of taking care of our students then? Please give the contact number!

2.Where are the following facilities located? Please give the phone number if any!
Ningbo University of Technology, No. 201, Fenghua Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
-International Students Office   0574-87616993,87619662

-Class      On campus
-Canteen   On campus
-Bank (with the name of Bank)  
On campus:ATM of Agriculture Bank of China, ATM of China Construction Bank.
Nearby: Bank of China, Agriculture Bank of China, China Construction Bank and so on.

-Hospital   School clinic is available on campus
-book store  On campus
-supermarket  On campus
-convenience store  On campus
-grocery store  On campus
-University security office   0574-87616110 (on campus)

3.In which campus, international students will study and stay?
East Campus, No. 201, Fenghua Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, 315211

4.Please explain about the document requirements for upon arrival registration, residence permit, medical checkup, etc.! How many of each need to be prepare? What is the registration procedure?
Registration procedures:
1. Register in International Students’ Office with your Admission Letter and Visa, fill in relevant forms and hand in 4 one-inch photos;
2. Pay for all the fees;
3. Receive your student ID card and SIM etc.;
4. Check in student apartment with your receipt.

Arrangements and required material:
1. Accommodation registration: you should register in the Yongjiang Police Station with your passport and school certificate on the second day after
your arrival;
2. Physical examination: you should do physical test in Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Center on the third day after your arrival;
3. Residence permit application: you should apply for your residence permit with 2 one-inch photos, one copy of your passport and visa, your physical
examination report and accommodation registration. We will make an appointment with the Departure and Entry.

5.Please give us after arrival schedule!
Timetable for class and activities are attached.


6.a. What bank is located near / inside the campus?
On campus:ATM of Agriculture Bank of China,  ATM of China Construction Bank.
Nearby: Bank of China, Agriculture Bank of China, China Construction Bank and so on.

b. Is there any Bank of China ATM or office located near / inside the campus?
Bank of China locates near the campus

c. Is there any campus staff that will take our students to the bank and help them open bank account? Please give the contact number!


7.What kind of fees that our students should pay immediately after the arrival? How much?
Registration fee (RMB200); Tuition Fee: (16000RMB per academic year), Accommodation: (2400RMB per year, Double air-conditioned room)  (text book 1000RMB)  
Student ID card(prepaid 100 RMB).

8.What is the payment procedure? Is it possible to transfer the fees to university bank account?
      Pay in cash or transfer to the school account after your arrival.
9.a. Can students pay the tuition per semester?
Not allowed. It is charged by year.
b. Can students pay dormitory fee per month / per semester / per year? How much?
Charged by year, 2400 yuan per academic year, not including the 200 yuan one-off payment accommodation deposit.

10.Do you require any deposit for dormitory? Please give details of the total deposit required for each of your dormitory building (if there is any).
Yes, 200 RMB for one-off deposit. If there is no items missing or damaged indoor, the deposit will be paid back at the end of the study.

Medical Checkup and Residence Permit

11.If students have done medical checkup in Indonesia, will they need to do it again in China? If yes, how much will it cost?
Yes, when applying for the residence permit, the physical examination report issued by Ningbo Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine is required. The physical check costs about 400 yuan.
12.Who will be in charge of helping students in doing medical checkup and making the residence permit? Is there any schedule for these activities?
0574-87616993,87619662. Medical checkup will be arranged in a week after arrival.
13.a. Is there any cost to change L / F / X visa into residence permit? How much will it cost?
Not required
b. How much does it cost to make residence permit for 1 year?
800 yuan for commission charge.


14.Is there any night hour in the dormitory? If yes, when?
Along with Chinese students, the night hour is at 22:30.
15.Please explain about the international students’ dormitory!
-What type is the dormitory (hotel type or apartment/suite type)? Double room.
-If it is apartment/suite type, how many rooms are there in the apartment, and how many toilets are inside the apartment? Each room in the apartment has an exclusive bathroom.
-How many beds are there inside each room? Two beds.
-What is the bed’s size? 1.2*1.9 meters
-What facilities are available inside the room and inside the apartment? Inside the apartment: public laundry room and boiled water room.

16.Does the dormitory provide washing room? Where is the location? How much it will cost?
Yes, the apartment has the laundry room, 100 yuan for 33 times.
17.Does the dormitory provide blanket, bed sheets, pillows, mattress, etc.? Do students required to pay additional cost for them? If yes, how much?
Yes, purchased by the school, charge 800 yuan, including quilt, quilt cover, bed sheet, mattress, pillow, blanket, mat, mosquito net, wash basin and tooth glass.
18.Does the dormitory provide any cleaning service? If yes, how many times per week?
Not provided. Cleaning work is done by students themselves.
19.Can students cook inside the dormitory? If yes, where?
Not allowed.
20.Does the room provide telephone? How to make a call using the telephone and how much will it cost?
Yes, 0.1 yuan per minute in China mainland. The phone card is needed, 30 yuan for each.
21.Does the room provide any water dispenser? If not, how to get it? How much will it cost for 1 gallon of drinking water?
Yes, students can purchase barreled mineral water, 6 yuan per barrel, 18.8 liters a barrel.
22.Do students required to pay for electricity and water? If yes, how much will they cost?
Each room provides 3 kilowatts of electricity, 3 tons of water for free for each student per month. For the exceeding part, it is charged by 0.54 yuan per kilowatt and 3.2 yuan per ton.
23.Can students stay in dormitory during Winter / Summer holiday? If yes, how much will it cost? If not, can you suggest any solution?
During the summer and winter holidays, students can live in the students’ dormitory with no accommodation fees, however 500 yuan administration fees per person per month will be charged.
24.Is it possible for students to leave their belongings in dormitory during Winter / Summer holiday without paying any dormitory fee?
Yes, but students had better carrying with their valuables.
Can students get the same room in the next semester if they don’t stay at dormitory during holiday? Yes

25.Is there any internet access in the room? How to use it?
Yes, the students can choose China Telecom Wired Broadband or China Mobile Wireless business.
26.How much will it cost? How is the payment procedure, is it per month, per semester or per year?
China Telecom: purchasing card to pay for the internet, 50 yuan per month or 200 yuan per semester.
China Mobile: using SIM to connect the internet, charged by hour, 20 yuan for 100 hours per month, deducting fee by the day.
The above charging standard is provided by Network Operators. If there is any change, please refer to the provisions in operators business hall.

27.Beside in the room, is there any place where students can access internet for free or with additional cost? In school computer room, 1.5 yuan per hour.
Student Card / Meal Card

28.Will students get ID card from the university? What facilities are eligible for the cardholder?
The school will provide student ID card which can be used in the canteens, supermarkets on campus, and apartment for the water and electricity.
Chinese Language Class / Extracurricular Activities

29.What is the arrangement for Chinese Language Class? Is there any placement test? Please give the schedule in details!
The school will organize Chinese proficiency test for the students after their enrolment and arrange excellent teachers to teach Chinese Listening and Chinese Conversation courses.
30.Is there any extracurricular activities offer in your university? What kind of the activities offered in your university and how much will they cost?
Is there any specific schedule for them?
The school will provide various extracurricular activities, divided into two kinds: learning competitions and entertainment and sports activities, such as sports meeting, ball games, variety show, Chinese speech contest and so on. Students can choose freely.

31.How to get to the nearest mall or any interesting place in the city? What kind of transportation can be used and how much will it cost?
At the east gate, students can take No.1 bus, No.18 bus and No.541 bus to the downtown, 2 yuan per trip per person.
32.Will the university arrange any city tour for students for free? If yes, when?
The school will arrange free city tours for the students around October 10.

Information for Parents
33.Does the university provide airport pick up service for parents in any occasion? If yes, how much will it cost? If not, please explain how to get to your university!
The school only provides airport pickup service for students’ parents on scheduled date, such as on registration day. There is no pickup service at other times and it costs about 50 yuan from the airport to the campus by taxi.
34.Can parents stay with their children in the dormitory? If not, can the university arrange for the accommodation? How is the procedure and how much will it cost?
It is not allowed for the parents to live together with the students in dormitory. There are many open hotels near the campus, if needed, please inform us in advance and we can book star-rated hotels for the parents, the corporate rate is 208 per night with standard double room.


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