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Brief Introduction of IEC


International Exchange College (IEC) was formerly known as "Overseas Education Center". It is an important bridge for international exchanges of the university. Its principle is "Pioneering, Enterprising, Innovation, and Service". Since 1999, it started cooperation with South Western Sydney Institute in cultivating dual degree students in International Business. It has delivered to the society thousands of outstanding international business professionals. The employment rate of its graduates remains more than 95% each year. In 2011, IEC established accounting joint education program with Delaware State University to cultivate accounting personnel with both Chinese and American accounting degrees, which made it one of the top-level universities in Zhejiang Province in Sino-foreign cooperative education. 

IEC boasts international faculty with advanced international education ethics and rich teaching experience. All the Chinese faculty have been trained or educated overseas. The school also established an education committee whose members include professors of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Capital University of Economics and Business, as well as prestigious entrepreneurs and bankers, to instruct student in putting theory into practice. IEC is committed to build an international education exchange atmosphere. It expresses its cultural features by annually conducting “Overseas Culture”programs and organizing students to visit foreign countries during summer vocations. IEC successfully interprets the university motto of “Knowledge is action, and action is knowledge” by consistent rigorous education attitude and colorful campus culture. 

It is the leading guideline for IEC to“Be Student-Oriented and Serve the Society.” It aims to forge the competitiveness of students and improve their employment, developing a brand of education featured by “high English level, and proficient professional ability.” The pass rate of its students in CET4 and CET6 is in the leading position among all the students in the university. Its students also win all kinds of provincial awards as well as honors awarded by the city. It is therefore highly valued by the university. 

In recent years, IEC conducted cooperation with colleges from Britain, France, America, Korea and many other countries. It operates international cooperative education programs such as Sino-American “1+2+1”, “2+2” programs, and Sino-British “2+2” program. It also conducts master degree programs with Wayne State University, Delaware State University, Northern Arizona University, and Georgia Southwestern State University. Meanwhile, IEC warmly welcome students from other countries. Currently, it has over 70 international students from more than 10 countries. In addition, IEC provides language training and foreign affairs management service for students and staff from all the majors of the university. 

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