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Ningbo University of Technology Facts and Figures 2018




Ningbo University of Technology (NBUT for short) was founded in 1983 by Ningbo Municipal Government. Covering an area of 1.2 million square meters, the University comprises 3 campuses in downtown Ningbo and the Hangzhou Bay.



In 2017, it has 10 subordinate schools, 40 undergraduate majors and over 14,000 full-time students.



Its teaching staff consists of more than 780 full-time faculty, of whom 71 are full professors, 251 associate professors, and 295 doctorate degree holders, most of whom are international education background.


图书馆The University has a library of over 1,400 thousand books or e-books, over 1,000 journals and thousands of e-journals.



In 2010, the University was included by Chinas Ministry of Education in the list of the first universities in China with the Educational Programs of Outstanding Engineers. In 2014, it became the Chief Unit of the Collegiate Union of Application-oriented Universities in Yangtze River Delta. In 2015, it was listed in the first 10 Demonstration Pilot Universities of Zhejiang Province.



The University has great strengths in applied science and technology. In 2015, the Major of Civil Engineering passed the professional engineering certification of CEEAA, and the Major of Transportation Engineering passed the German ASIIN certification. Currently the University has 1 characteristic-major development center of and 2 practical education centers of the national level; 2 advantaged majors, 4 key-construction majors, 6 key majors, and 5 experimental and demonstrative teaching centers of the provincial level; 2 brand majors, 2 key major clusters of service-oriented education, 4 key-construction majors, and 4 characteristic majors of the municipal level.


The University has embraced broad and increasing international cooperations since 1984, when it was chosen by China’s Ministry of Education as one of the four universities aided by Germany. Currently, in connection with 73 universities and colleges of 24 countries (areas), it runs on a fast track of international cooperation, especially of joint programs.



In 2011, a joint dual-degree undergraduate program of Accounting was established between NBUT and Delaware State University, USA. In 2017, a second join dual-degree program of Information and Computing Science has been established by NBUT and West Virginia State University, USA. Just as in the first Program, these students of the second Program will study in NBUT for full four years, taught in English by the faculty from both NBUT and the partner University of USA, and conferred with two degrees from both universities on graduation.



 International students have studied in the NBUT since 2004. In 2017, there are more than 270 international students from over 34 countries learning degree or Chinese language courses on three campus, including 26 one-year exchange students from France and South Korea. Since 2013, NBUT has been on the list of the universities entitled to Chinese Government Scholarships for international students, and those in NBUT can enjoy the scholarships granted by Chinas Ministry of Education as well as a wide range of full or partial scholarships from Ningbo Municipality and the University itself.



   These osmanthus trees are donated by the Universitys alumni. Its an picturesque place to for students to walk around.



   The University provides well-equipped teaching facilities, spacious and comfortable accommodation and a range of high standard sports faculties to ensure a rich and colorful campus life for international students.

    We have build nice dormitory for our international students

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