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Registration Progress for Undergraduates
2014-09-26 00:00  
   Please finish your registration step by step. Only after the registration can you conveniently study and live in Ningbo University of Technology.

1.交回录取通知书并填写《外国留学生登记表》(Hand in the admission letter and fill enrollment form for international Students to NBUT.)
2.确认缴费:学费、书费、保险费、注册费、一卡通预存费、住宿费及押金等(Confirm the payment is finished.)
3.上交4张一寸照片(反面写姓名)、护照、健康证明(Hand in 4 photos with names written on the back side, passport and health certificate.)
4.阅读《告知书》及学习纪律条例》并签字 (Read the Letter and Study Regulation and sign.)
5.凭缴费收据领取教材(Show your receipt of payment and receive the textbooks) 

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